The Latest And Cool Technology That Can Facilitate Doctor in the Medical Field

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The Latest And Cool Technology That Can Facilitate Doctor in the Medical Field

         Health is an area of ​​more time to develop better treatments and now technological medical facilities. This technology is also one of the important things that cannot be separated from the daily lives of many people in the modern world like today.

     You agree that human labor alone will not be able to create a complete work or a large amount of needs. Even if he is able to force many people might say, but all power is limited and must be accompanied by the length of time you need to.

     In the world of their own health, technology is now increasingly being developed to make it easier to manufacture pharmaceutical products, search for new viruses or diseases, but also help patients recover. Even many treatments today are most apparent during the recovery period. Here are the last 5 technologies in the middle.

Fat-burning technology.5 Teknologi Terbaru di Bidang Medis Ini Keren Banget!
     For those who are obese, new discoveries in the medical field are also predicted to be very useful. The liquid grease technology aid of Nanopatch technology called "microneedle patch" accumulates.

     This technology was created by researchers at Columbia University Medical Center. But not everyone is able to apply this technology. Those who have or take diet drugs that work the effect is to convert white fat to brown fat must have some time for the effects of reduced diet drugs.

     Nanopatch surgery The controlling microneedle drug is injected into the microneedle in certain areas designated by medical personnel. Like skin and fat chocolate because Areka slowly melts the nanoparticles.

     For those of you who don't know, humans have two types of fat. The first type and the second white fat is called brown fat, or commonly known as saturated fat. White fat is used as an energy reserve in the body, and it's no wonder why boarding kids won't die, even if they don't eat for several days. Yes, as long as the Tetep drink is still writing, nothing is low. Although brown fat functions if you store fat more often.

Research conducted and published in ACS Nano, A shows the results of rat experiments.

     Decrease of 20% body fat after the application of microneedle mouse technology is in line with the level of reduced blood glucose in mice.

Life expectancy sensor technology5 Teknologi Terbaru di Bidang Medis Ini Keren Banget!

     A body in which no part can be detected by most people without health care and medical technology is carried out by researchers looking for an Adeide University of Adelaide in a new field as an artificial intelligence drug to predict a person's life expectancy according to medical analysis.

     In their study, the researchers used 48 frames and looked closely at the patient's chest. An algorithm that requires predictions from some of these patients can be detected around - then the life expectancy of a patient dies within 5 years. Detection results are around 69%.

     This detection uses algorithmic techniques, and then makes observations and predictions. In this case, learning algorithms with more complex diseases are several conditions of human organs. But, of course, there still needs to be more development to improve the use of this technology.

Mind control technology.5 Teknologi Terbaru di Bidang Medis Ini Keren Banget!

    For those who are paralyzed, for them, there is no doubt that it is difficult to do various activities just to run it. How can it be if the movement is difficult, especially to do other things that are not necessarily easy for him.

    If you are a fan of this type of science fiction or fantasy type film, of course, you are familiar with movie scenes with super-sophisticated technology that can read what you think about someone, then run. As someone only relies on the ability of the mind and telepathic abilities.

    In this modern era, you do not need to ask more if technology capabilities can be compared to telepathic abilities by "computer interface brains" or BCIS, important results from the results of the Graz University of Technology study.

     This technology is also called brain Composer technology. The discovery of this technology in the medical field can capture messages in the brain, and then be passed on to commands for the needs of almost everything needed in the light of patients suffering from patient paralysis. Like helping patients to write something.

     In this study, researchers created 18 test samples. They make connections with music software manufacturers. Then, the symbols and annotations previously detected on the screen, while the pitch notes in mind, this tool is still concentrated in the field. BCIS translates data in the center of the human brain and the output of this tool is to help translate what you want.
Teknologi Pen pendeteksi kanker.
5 Teknologi Terbaru di Bidang Medis Ini Keren Banget!

     Cancer is still a serious disease that is feared by many people. How are you afraid of the costs of treatment and medicine and the cost of the price of most things for most people's extra lives.

      But he doesn't need to be afraid anymore, and you can even quickly detect it at an early age with the invention of a pen detecting cancer after a study by the University of Texas in pen form and also called on the pen mass spectrum. This serves to distinguish the cancer pen for recovery within 10 seconds.

     Using a pencil mass spectrum is not a method for detecting cancer analysis of frozen parts for 30 minutes or more for the sampling process. Strangely, 10-20% of all cancer cases can be detected even if the cancer cells are to gel.

     Pen mass spectrum is to compare the operation of certain molecules called metabolites. The cells producing part of the tissue to secrete a few drops absorb thousands of metabolites of water and spend the specrometer because these metabolites are produced from cancer cells that are separate normal cancer cells. Then this cancer pen is screening to detect directly or not the cancer is detected.

And analyzed tissue taken from 253 patients with cancer, pen cancer detection technology is expected to use in the future in surgical operations.

Broken bone joint technology5 Teknologi Terbaru di Bidang Medis Ini Keren Banget!

    You have to understand, it's not like people from panic attacks, plus broken bones? Of course, it requires immediate medical treatment when this happens. Next, bone union material. Well, so that medical people have developed rapid handling of this technology.

     A study by the University of Ohio, which found a form of "chip" treatment that can directly connect skin cells specifically for bone to maintain Meanwhile, no cumulative license of bone disease can be damaged before other medical treatment.

    This particular chip size for a smartphone SIM Cuman about its size is specifically programmed so that it can cause skin cells to coalesce. In addition, more results, both from the University of Ohio called "load" or electric shock running with certain electric currents, which can be applied to changes in your skin and near wounds.

     The nanotransfection of TNT's discovery cloth or technology was first tested in mice and pigs. A surprising thing happened, bad mice tripped over injured feet, TNT's technology of blood implanted mice returned to normal flow and this technology could also cause nerve cells in mice to return to after normality from rat brain damage.
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