This Is The Cause Of Babies Born With Low Badah Weight, (Along With Ways To Care For It)

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This Is The Cause Of Babies Born With Low Badah Weight, (Along With Ways To Care For It)

As you know, your baby's birth weight also determines his health. Birth weight also reflects the development of the child in the womb. Not surprisingly, low birth weight is something that is greatly feared by Mother.
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When is the baby called low birth weight or low birth weight? Usually, babies are born weighing around 3.5 kg. While the ideal weight of a newborn is 2.5 to 4.3 kg for baby boys and 2.5 to 4.2 kg for baby girls.

According to Stanford Children's Health, babies can be said to be underweight at birth if they weigh less than 2,500 grams or 2.5 kilograms (5 pounds). According to the Indonesian Health Profile of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia 2014, birth weight syndrome can occur not only in premature babies, Ma, but also in term infants who are facing growth barriers. during pregnancy.

Quoting the Association of Indonesian Pediatricians (IDAI), "At birth, babies weigh a lot of body fluids which will disappear in a few days. Most babies lose 1/10 of their weight during the first five days and their weight will increase again within five days going forward. On the tenth day, weight will return to birth weight. "

Although IDAI says that the baby's weight will increase again in a few days, birth weight should not be underestimated, ma'am. For this reason, mothers must be aware of the factors that cause low weight in infants. birth. You want to know? See the explanation below, go!

The cause of newborns, born with a low weight
Here are the reasons why babies are born with a low weight:

1. Premature birth
One of the main causes of newborn weight is premature labor, which occurs before the uterus reaches 37 weeks. Because they are born prematurely, babies do not develop properly and their weight is always lower than newborns per month.

2. twin births
The twins will usually be born with a low weight, especially if they are more than two. Because twin fetuses must share nutrients and space in the uterus, they tend to be born with lower weight than the average of other newborns.

3. Fetal growth is not perfect
Aside from preterm labor, another factor that often causes low birth weight infants is intrauterine growth restriction or IUGR. This occurs when the fetus does not develop properly in the mother's abdomen, due to placental problems, maternal health or other problems that affect the fetus.

Even so, babies with IUGR do not mean they cannot be born long enough. IUGR babies can also be born for only one month or 37 to 41 weeks of pregnancy, but in reality, late-born IUGR babies are usually physically mature, despite the fact that their health is more fragile than non-pregnant babies. IUGR was born only one month.

So what happens if IUGR babies are born prematurely? According to Stanford, their bodies are usually very small and physically immature.

4. Intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR)
IUGR is a condition in which the fetus does not develop properly. So even if the baby is born enough for a month, the weight remains low. There are two types of IUGR, namely asymmetrical IUGR due to malnutrition and high blood pressure during pregnancy.

And symmetrical IUGR, which occurs because one of the chromosomes is abnormal, can also be caused by urinary tract infections and an unhealthy lifestyle.

5. Mother's age is too young
According to the Indonesian Ministry of Health, deliveries to mothers under 20 carry many risks, one of which is low birth weight. Other risks include premature bleeding and premature birth, which can increase maternal and infant mortality.
Survei Demografi dan Kesehatan 2012 (SDKI) yang dilakukan pada tahun 2012 di situs web Departemen Kesehatan Indonesia menunjukkan bahwa angka kematian neonatal, post-neonatal, neonatal dan bayi di antara ibu di bawah 20 tahun lebih tinggi daripada ibu berusia 20 hingga 39 tahun.

6. Malnutrition in the womb.
"When you are pregnant, you have to eat for two people," it seems like it really has to be applied to prevent LBW. Because, the mother's diet during pregnancy greatly affects the nutrients that enter the body, you know. Talking about nutrition during pregnancy, it also means nutrition for the fetus in your stomach.

Then, adopt a balanced diet during pregnancy, consume all kinds of nutrient-rich foods that are safe, healthy and good for optimizing your child's growth in the stomach.

7. Infectio
Pregnant women can be more susceptible to infections due to changes in the immune system. If this infection is unknown and is not treated properly, it can cause several complications during labor. Including low birth weight babies.

8. Alcohol consumption during pregnancy.
Low birth weight due to alcohol consumption during pregnancy.
Consumption of alcohol and dangerous drugs during pregnancy can have a negative impact on the fetus. Alcohol consumption releases certain chemical compounds in the placenta and reduces oxygen supply to the fetus. So that fetal growth is disrupted.

9. diabetes
Diabetes suffered during pregnancy can increase the risk of premature babies with low body weight. But gestational diabetes, which often attacks pregnant women, can be overcome by regular exercise, diet, medical care. Of course, diet and lifestyle must be changed to ensure that the fetus grows healthy.

10. Preeclampsia
Preeclampsia is a medical condition that occurs during pregnancy, which is caused by high blood pressure. Severe complications can cause kidney damage. Preeclampsia also affects the placenta, which changes the supply of nutrients and blood to the fetus, which lowers the weight of the newborn.

Care tips for babies with low body weight
In WHO data records, Indonesia ranks ninth in the world with low birth weight for newborns. 15.5% births every year. In addition, Indonesia is also ranked fifth as a country that has more than 250,000 premature babies every year. And this is the most common cause of infant death under 1 month.

dr. Rinawati Rohsiswatmo SpA, from the Perinatology Division of the Department of Child Health FKUI - RSCM, said: "There are three important factors in the care of low birth weight babies, namely resuscitation, nutrition, and attention to neurological development."

Rinawati explained in more detail that resuscitation is a baby's breathing problem, which must be in good condition when leaving the hospital. When they are at home, mothers must pay attention to nutrition and treatment for neurological development, so that the baby can grow up healthy like other children.

Rinawati also advised, do not bathe premature babies or newborns who are often short. Only 2-4 days, and you have to use warm water for bathing.

Avoid using oil curtains, dust or lotions. Because baby's thin skin is easily irritated. Clean the umbilical cord with alcohol and do not give any ingredients. In addition, use diapers that are sized to fit the baby's body, not too big or too small. So that the breathing movement of the baby remains soft and visible to the mother.

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