Tips For Hair Looks Beautiful & amp; Sparkling Every Day

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Tips For Hair Looks Beautiful & amp; Sparkling Every Day

Because hair is a girl's crown, so if you know how to take care of your hair's health, stay healthy, smooth and shiny. Some people are even willing to spend a lot of money to have super good hair care. Having more variety of hair styles makes hair vulnerable to damage and loss.Wanita, Rambut Panjang, Orang Orang
The natural way to make hair shiny and healthy
Hair care does not have to be in a fixed room. You can do the treatment yourself at home and still get maximum results. But how to do it? It's easy, here the admin shares the recapitulation of how to keep hair shining healthy without having to go to the salon.

1. Choose the product that suits your hair type.
You need to know what type of hair you have. If it's dry or oily, you have to adjust it with shampoo and conditioner to use. Use the shampoo that suits your hair to help repair damage to the hair, such as hair loss, broken, split ends.

2. shampoo with cold water.
There are various types of conversations about shampoo to do with water. Wash with cold water can prevent hair loss. In how to treat healthy hair, you should know that cold water can make blood circulation smooth. In addition to cold water able to maintain the strength of hair roots, cold water is also useful for keeping hair shiny and soft.

3. The use of masks made at home.
You can make your hair mask. This material is also easy to put in a can. Just choose whether avocado masks, eggs, milk, fruit or aloe vera. For example, aloe vera, which is used to make natural black hair and maintain scalp dandruff. So it's easier, you have meat and use it evenly on hair that has been soaked in warm water. there is only waiting for the infusion for 15 minutes and then rinse with water.

4. The use of sodium bicarbonate to reduce styling products for its chemical content.
Sodium bicarbonate can help reduce the chemicals other styling products just make. The way to do it is not difficult at all, you just pour 3 tablespoons of baking soda in the water used to wash your hair. Rinse hair with the mixture evenly and everything is finished.

5. Comb the hair properly.
goWalau trivial, combing hair also affects the health of your hair, you know. How true is combing the hair comb first and top end. Combing from the top first will cause your hair to fall out and break due to frizzing. In addition, plastic combs can provide static electricity and make hair break. Therefore we must prevent plastic combs, yes.

6. Vitamin D intake
Vitamin D is a source of calcium. If many people think that calcium is good for bones only then, in fact, calcium is also good for hair health. When calcium levels in the body decrease, then the effect is also for the strength of the hair loss brand. Vitamin D will help you get healthy hair.

7. Eat oatmeal

Oatmeal is one of the best foods to prevent hair loss. The content of biotin present in wheat is good for maintaining hair strength and moisture. Not only for hair, oats also have many benefits for the body, such as controlling blood pressure and boosting the immune system.

8. Don't comb your hair while it's still wet.
After shampooing, let your hair dry before styling. Combing hair in a wet hair state only makes hair fall and break tangles.

9. wrapped in a towel rather than rubbing.
Hair is very fragile when wet, why not rub with a towel, it's better
Wrap in a towel to prevent excessive hair damage.

10. Avoid hot water with shampoo
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Avoid washing your hair with warm, hot water. Wash your hair with warm or hot water can dry your hair because of the loss of natural oils that provide protection for hair. Choose water with temperature or hot water with temperatures below your body temperature.

11. Avoid using shampoo every day
Shampooing every day only removes the natural moisture of the hair. 2-3 days shampooing will make hair retain moisture for natural hair oil protected.

12. Use hair protection before swimming
Chemicals in buffer pool water to damage hair, especially if you want to swim. Therefore, wet your hair with water / shower, use conditioner, if a cover is needed with a shower cap, and then you enter the pool. Conditioner protects hair against chemical exposure when you swim.

13. Always tidy up the hair
Tidy or trimmed hair ends regularly, at least 6 weeks will keep the ends of the hair and dry split ends.

14. Meet proper nutrition from the inside

The most important thing for having healthy and beautiful hair is in nutrition. Consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. In fact, the best way to do this is the best hair care in your own home and build a healthy diet. "What you eat, so what arises from your body," expert advice.
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